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Freelance Scientific Editor Positions Available

FRP Network Inc.

FRP Network Inc. is a scientific editing and translation company that has been providing concise and accurate scientific editing and translation services in chemistry, biology, medicine, and related fields to researchers in academia and industry for almost 25 years. By providing each and every manuscript meticulous and comprehensive editing work it deserves, we have been able to maintain a high repeat client rate spanning more than two decades.

We are looking for FREELANCE SCIENTIFIC EDITORS with the following qualifications:


・an excellent command of the English language and a strong background in science, specifically chemistry, biology, medicine, or related fields, with a master’s degree or higher

・a proactive and organized approach to address copy editing issues including poor sentence construction, inconsistent style, and illogical content flow

・strict attention to details including S-V agreement, typos, and punctuation

・a strong sense of accountability particularly in meeting deadlines

・at least 3 years' experience in scientific editing

・a secure work-from-home PC environment


Applicants may e-mail us at (subject: freelance scientific editors wanted) with the following information:

1. resume

2. sample of scientific editing work if available

3. home PC environment

Only potential applicants will be contacted by e-mail.

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