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会社名     有限会社FRPネットワークインク

                FRP Network Inc.

代表者     代表取締役 北村アイリーン

創業        1999年1月、FRPネットワーク翻訳サービス開始


設立         2002年1月、有限会社FRPネットワークインク設立

資本金     300万円

所在地*    〒332-0001 埼玉県川口市朝日1-21-2
連絡先      048-278-1986



事業内容     学術論文その他の英文校正・校閲、翻訳(英語・中国語


取引銀行     三菱UFJ銀行 高田馬場支店

主要取引先  国公立・私立大学、国立・民間研究所、民間企業、








Three principles underpinning our scientific editing company—Forthright, Reliable, and Punctual—have stood the test of time, and we have continued to be a trusted partner to researchers in academia and industry for almost 25 years.


Our scientific editors specializing in chemistry, biology, medicine, and other fields have produced carefully crafted, well-written manuscripts that have translated into high rates of acceptance by distinguished international academic journals. In addition, our experienced coordinators have offered personalized assistance on each project, making sure that clients are satisfied with all aspects of our services. Thanks to these efforts, we have maintained a high repeat client rate and received heartfelt messages of gratitude from clients regarding the acceptance of their manuscript by the journal of their choice.


We will continue to deliver high-quality scientific editing and comprehensive services with client trust in mind.

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